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The world has changed since Arduboy started 6 years ago! The kickstarter was 5 years ago, how time flies. As with every other website out there, we have our own notice about the current state of affairs:

Backorder Status: Arduboys and Micro Arcades are being ordered in batches from the factory and can sometimes take a month or two to arrive. We try to anticipate demand ahead of time, but sometimes we are unable to fulfill all backorders every time a shipment arrives.

If a product is not marked as in stock, it can take anywhere from a week to two months to arrive, and in rare circumstances some times more.

Shipping Times: Shipping times seem to have stabilized in the united states, it may be different in your country. Overall customs times are longer, but are starting to improve to reasonable times now. In the US, it usually takes a few days, internationally it can take up to a month to arrive.

Inventory Status: There are less than a thousand Arduboys left in inventory, and at this time there are no plans to produce any more! Get them while they last!

Communication Status: At this time we are not always able to respond to inquires that are not directly related to the transaction of an order. Status updates are automated. If you need to request an address change or cancel an order you can do so up until the time you receive a tracking notification.

Education Program: Due to the prevailing economic situation we are no longer able to support the free Arduboys for classroom program. Only a few classrooms were able to be supported before the global pandemic interrupted classrooms worldwide. There is a renewed focus on providing the tools to make your own Arduboy and conduct your own classroom with materials that are easily available through online retailers, and hope to also eventually distribute a low cost kit version as well.

Future Development: All plans for a next version of the Arduboy have been suspended indefinitely. Efforts will be used to develop the education platform around diy and kit built hardware. Extensions, upgrades, special edition development kits for the current hardware are still planned, but the timeline has been extended.

Most notably the Arduboy FX Mod chip that will upgrade an Arduboy to include all of the games on-board as well as other expanded memory capabilities, is still being developed and planned for eventual release this year.

Thank you and stay tuned for what Arduboy will look like in the future!

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2020 Status Message (Backorders, Shipping, Updates)