2021 Status Update

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Stocking and Shipping Status: Currently we are behind on shipping and there are delays of up to 2 or 3 weeks fulfilling orders, apologies for the delay.

Backorder Status: Orders containing Tetris Micro Arcade are backordered from Super Impulse until further notice. Mod chips are in stock, but need to be programmed and this status is delayed until further notice.

Arduboy FX Pre-Order Status: Orders placed before June 2021 are are currently being fulfilled in the order they were received. Shipping is ongoing, if you have not received a tracking number you will get one in the next few weeks.

Orders placed after June 2021 are now part of the 2nd batch and is estimated to ship no sooner than September 2021.

Please understand that the situation is constantly evolving, but if you need to cancel your order please write contact@arduboy.com and we can help you directly.

Shipping Times: Shipping times both domestic and international seem to have mostly returned to normal.

Communication Status: We are trying our best to respond within 24 hours but sometimes it takes a little longer. Status updates are automatically generated on a monthly basis. We are able to accommodate changes to your order up until the time you receive a shipping notification.

We made it through 2020 thanks to you, let’s see if we can finish 2021 even stronger! Thank you for your support!

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2021 Status Message (Backorders, Shipping, Updates)