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Samples have arrived!

Near the end of last month the first 10 factory samples of the Arduboy Fx arrived for inspection. I’m happy to report that the status of production from the factory is expected to finish this month, in April.

Shipping should hopefully start near the end of this month. Due to shipping and handling times this will mean these should start to arrive to you in the beginning of May and the store page will be updated to reflect this.

Mod-Chip Order Status

The first batch of 500 Mod-chips have sold out! Another batch of 200 has been ordered two months ago, but there has been some trouble getting chips. With hope, this order should complete by the end of the month, if it doesn’t then a new batch from a domestic factory will be placed.

Micro Arcade Status?

Super Impulse discontinued most of the current Micro Arcade product line except for Tetris, Pac-Man and Space Invaders. They are also currently out of stock of Tetris and so are we, apologies! Tetris and possibly some new Micro Arcade licenses will be back in stock in June, but have all been taken off the site until then. We currently have in stock all of the discontinued units in order to fulfill outstanding orders (that are also waiting on the FX).

Address Updates and Refunds

If you need to update your address or would like to cancel your order for a full refund please use the contact form. At this time we are not currently able to respond to each order with any more information than we have at posted here at this time.


As many of you may be aware that it is a very unusual time in electronics manufacturing right now. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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