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Wheres the FX at?

Due to overwhelming demand there have been major changes to the Arduboy FX production schedule. There is both good and bad news that comes along with these changes.

tldr; Automatic upgrade to factory FX coming in January, or you can get a refund if you need.

Bad news:

Y’all ordered too many Arduboy FX, there aren’t even enough original Arduboy left to upgrade them all, and even if there was it would take 2 to 3 months to convert them!

Good news:

Your order for a pre-mod is being automatically upgrade to a BRAND NEW factory made Arduboy FX complete with new packaging! Because there have been so many orders, we have been able to start another production batch!

Bad news:

Because factory production takes 1 to 2 months, we are going to end up missing the Christmas holiday. Orders are now expected to ship in the beginning of January 2021.

Good news:

If you can’t wait, or purchased this as a gift and still want something to ship by the holidays you can request to switch to an original Arduboy + a programmed Mod Chip + a partial refund. This way you can do the upgrade yourself. If you would prefer a full refund that is also OK, but I would remind you that Arduboy customers overwhelmingly feel that these products are worth the wait!

Current Status:

We have submitted the order for over 1,000 Arduboy FX to be manufactured by Seeed Studio. The components are being ordered in volume and the machines are being prepared to produce the PCBS.

Behind the curtains:

The last little detail of the new production is redesigning the snap dome matrix sticker so that it doesn’t interfere with the new W25Q128 flash chip that includes all the games.

FX Mod Chip Status

All of the Arduboy FX mod chip pre-orders have shipped. It’s been very exciting to see people converting their old Arduboys into something new. A surprising number of people took this on as their first try at soldering and succeeded with flying colors! Others had to take to the community forum to get a few tips, but overall it’s been a smashing success! These are now in stock and ready to ship if you’d like to grab one!

Thank you!

This is huge, you have helped make another production batch of Arduboy! In addition to fulfilling your order with a higher quality product, this also keeps the business and the dream alive for longer as it increases the available inventory to move through in the future.

Your order not only brings your Arduboy home, but also helps fuel the engine that produces them, ensuring Arduboy is around for even more people to enjoy! Thank you so much!

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