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Hey Arduboy friends! Chief Apology Officer Kevin here to say sorry for the delay and give you another status update on Arduboy FX Production.

Currently the expected shipping date is end of March, beginning of April. The last update is that the factory has developed the programming capabilities and successfully flashed the new bootloader and expanded memory modules with all of the games, we are now just waiting for production to begin at the factory.

When the Arduboy FX was first listed for pre-order the expectation was to hand assemble units with the expectation of only selling around 100 units. Both good/bad news was that orders eventually rolled in an order of magnitude greater than this and was left with the problem/opportunity of how to produce enough units to meet demand.

It was decided at the end of October to start a new production with our manufacturer Seeed Studio. This was decided primarily because the dramatically higher level of quality they can provide, but also based around the near impossible logistics of making these units myself. Also, there were not enough donor Arduboys to meet the demand, so it would not have even been possible.

The new product will come in brand new packaging and feature the new FX logo and chip right on the PCB.

Unfortunately the production has been dramatically slowed down not only due to the pandemic but also because of supply shortages that are existing across all levels of electronics manufacturing. Even the largest of manufacturers are facing supply shortages that are delaying their project launches and Arduboy is no different.

We are advantaged because in comparison, our quantity of units is quite small so it is easier for us to source the components we need, but lead times are longer.

Adding to the delay is the fact that Seeed Studio and the rest of China is currently on holiday for Chinese New Year which brings all activities to stop for a few weeks.

Rest assured I’m doing my best to stay in constant communication with Seeed and manage the production remotely. In a normal circumstance I would be at the factory and providing the factories directly with video updates from the production line floor. But as international travel has been restricted, sharing with you the collection of emails I’ve had is the best idea I’ve got to prove that I’m working as hard as I can on this.

If you need to make any changes to your order, or would prefer to cancel your order for a full refund please use the contact form to let us know how we can help. Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to provide individual status updates because of the number of people waiting, so that’s why I’m making these monthly updates.

We’re almost there! None of this would be possible without you! Thank you so much for believing in the Arduboy FX dream, over 200 8-bit games will soon be in your hands!

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