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The FX is getting close!

It’s no secret things are taking just a tad longer than hoped, but considering *gestures at everything* production is moving a long smoothly, just at a very “careful” pace.

Packaging Sample has Arrived!

Our manufacturer, Seeed Studio, has sent over samples of the Pacakging, Back Cover and Snap dome matrix for review. Check out this sneak peek preview video to see what has been updated.

Yeah, ok, but when am I getting it?

With hope, production will finish before the end of the month (January) and we can begin shipping out before the month is over. Assuming no surprises, shipping is expected to be completed by the end February.

Apologies for making you wait longer than we told you at the start! The original schedule was based on a couple hundred units, but we are now coming on over a thousand orders! Thanks to you wonderful people, we are already looking at a SECOND production batch of the FX, as it seems they will almost immediately be sold out once they arrive!

I need to make changes!

If you need to update your order information, like your shipping address or would prefer to cancel your pre-order please respond to the confirmation email with your request. We are more than happy to help you make changes to your order.

Unfortunately due to the overwhelming number of pre-orders we are unable to respond to individual requests for status updates.

If you are uncomfortable waiting any longer, we would encourage you to consider requesting a refund and maybe waiting until they are in stock. We don’t want anyone to be upset over the delay, and it might be better to try your chances at finding them in stock.

Be advised, the Arduboy complaints department is currently closed due to current events. If you are unhappy with your order and email to complain without a clear path to resolving the issue, your order will automatically be canceled and refunded in full.

Thank you times infinity!

Check this out folks: In 2 months, Arduboy will be 7 years old!

What does this mean? It means your attention, support and purchases have allowed me to run this business full time and provide a platform thousands of people to learn to program their own games!

A quick google search will reveal that Arduboy has grown to be so much more than anyone could have imagined. Hundreds if not thousands people have even gone and made their own home-made version of the Arduboy!

All of this sharing of knowledge and learning of skills is ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! Thank you so much, and let’s see how much further we can take this!

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