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Hardware Only Mod-Chips have started shipping!


Good news everybody! About 25% of the Hardware Only Mod-Chips have shipped, and the remaining are scheduled to ship out the first week of November!

There was some problems with logistics, but all things considered not too bad. But these delays in customs and Fed-Ex losing a package cost 3 weeks of idle time before shipping could begin.


Programmed Mod-Chips will be sent out next as they take a substantially longer amount of time to verify and program each one.

Next Steps:

  • Finish shipping and programming Mod-Chips
  • Upgrading Arduboy into Arduboy FX
  • Sending back covers for some orders for Laser Engraving (unique serial numbers does look like it is happening!)
  • Shipping Arduboy FX Pre-Mod
  • Shipping Arduboy FX Laser Engraved

If you need to update your shipping address, or would prefer to cancel your order at this time you can use the contact form to make the request. Unfortunately due to the number of pre-orders we can’t respond to each individual request for an update.

Please be advised that shipping times are estimated, and assuredly we are doing our best to get you your cool video game toys as fast as we can make them!

Thank you!

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