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First Class Complete!

Last month in Roanoke, Virginia the first sponsored Arduboy classroom was conducted at the public library. Kids and parents signed up for a 2 night workshop on an introduction to learning how to code games using the Arduboy platform. The library shared some great pictures on their instagram!

About a dozen students students, a mixture of boys and girls from ages 10 to 15 sat down with an instruction that Darrel Little had prepared for the class and is available here:

Darrell offered some excellent feedback from the course, and together we learned a lot about what opportunities we have for improvement in the future.

“Overall impression was very favorable. Compared to previous workshops hosted using Scratch and Google CS First curriculum, the entire group was engaged and active. There wasn’t a time that I noticed student attention wandering. Many students were trying out different variations of the code and experimenting. My original thought was that C++ would be too advanced or student would loose interest, however that did not prove to be the case. Most of the older students took to it quite well and was enjoying the challenges in the code.”

  • Plan extra time into schedule to allow for taking time to explain topics in detail, answer questions, deal with errors and other technical issues.
  • Let the students start playing games first and interact with the device to provide immediate satisfaction and engagement.
  • A ratio of about instructor/assistant to student ratio suggested to be about 1:5.
  • Many hiccups on the compile/verify/upload step.
  • Include longer USB cables!

The Journey Continues!

This feedback and content will be rolled into the official curriculum as we move towards scheduling the next classroom. The list of educators interested in the program is now over 50 teachers from around the world! I’ve compiled a list of the various stages and needs of the classrooms that have been described to me, and am working on selecting the next couple best fits. Teachers who are already familiar with Arduino and have tought some programming courses are what would be most helpful at this stage right now, if that’s you please reach out using the contact form!

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