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Announcing the first official Arduboy Classroom

This is the beginning of the official education program for the Arduboy, where we are trying to create an official classroom curriculum that fulfills standardized requirements and is easy for anyone to pick up any set of modules and teach without any prior experience with coding.

Leading our very first class will be Darrell Little, and he has reserved the PC lab at Roanoke South County Library on October 15 & 16, 2019 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm to teach a two night workshop in learning to make games with the Arduboy!

We are hoping to have around a dozen or more excited little video game developers in training in attendance. Darrell has been a long time supporter of Arduboy and it’s use in the education arena. He has developed the course materials himself and has been wanting to offer a course just like this all along.

There should still be room so if you are in the area check with the library for more details! I will be dialing into the class by video chat to help out but mostly to observe and learn how the course can be shared with everyone! After the event, I will share pictures and a little story about how it went!

Who’s writing this blog?

I’m Kevin Bates, founder of Arduboy. I steer this ship, hello! For a little more information check out The Arduboy History or say hello in the Arduboy Community!

What happened to the old blog? What is this?

The old blog is dead, long live the new education blog! As I continue my quest to build an official classroom curriculum for the Arduboy, I will chronicle my adventures as I hopefully get the chance to visit classrooms around the world. Every time I visit a class, I’ll make a post or if there are any significant developments or updates to the curriculum or materials, I’ll will show up in the blog!



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