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If only you could play Counter Strike in your pocket? We are not there yet but we do have some examples getting pretty close to Wolfenstine!

3 developers have made examples of First Person Shooter games using a ray-casting engine for the small 1 bit display on the Arduboy. This is pretty impressive considering each of these examples is implementing some kind of texture mapping!

Twitter user @cobinee shared this zombie shooter featuring a relentless onslaught of the undead. You have several weapons at your disposal with limited ammunition, shoot wisely!

From the community user veritazz shares his FPS which appears to be running at some incredible speeds. He has a thread working on optimizing the engine, join in the discussion!


Getting in on the mapping side of things is twitter user @floatstarpxlol where he has developed a procedural generated map! Never crawl the same dungeon again!

These engines will be exciting as there are some exciting game types that this could be adapted to in the future! We look forward to more 1-bit 3d things!

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