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What is Arduboy FX?

Flash eXpansion

Arduboy FX is an upgraded version from the standard Arduboy that includes a flash memory chip that stores all 250+ Arduboy games on-board! No need to use a PC to switch between games. When you turn your Arduboy FX on you will be greeted with a boot menu that you can either load up the most recent game, or flash one of hundreds of other games in only a few seconds. The menu is organized into categories and sorted by popularity. Your favorite games on top and hidden gems to discover below.

You can upgrade any Arduboy to become an Arduboy FX with the Arduboy FX Mod Chip!

If you feel comfortable using a screwdriver and a soldering iron, you can open your Arduboy and attach the Mod Chip to test points on the back of the circuit board. The upgrade takes about 15 minutes, and you use a software tool to flash the Arduboy FX bootloader without the need of an external programmer; the Mod Chip includes a small processor to do that for you!

If you you would rather not open your Arduboy, there will be a limited number of Arduboy FX available pre-modified coming soon!

The pre-modified Arduboy FX and the Arduboy FX Mod Chip will be launching soon! Target: September 2020

The hardware and software has all been tested, final versions have been prepared.

The collection of games that will be included pre-loaded on the Arduboy FX is currently being compiled and prepared with new custom title graphics for each game.