Arduboy Developer Kit

Own a piece of Arduboy history with the collectible Arduboy Developer Kit.

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Own a piece of Arduboy history with the collectible Arduboy Developer Kit. Produced prior to the Arduboy, the Developer kit helped build the community before the final hardware for the Kickstarter. Providing many useful lessons, several electrical design changes were made. These changes Developer Kit is not directly compatible with existing Arduboy games as they are available to download. But don’t worry! With a few simple changes to reconfigure pin outputs, almost all code takes only minutes to adapt!

The Developer Kit is unique because it does not have a rechargeable battery or a protective case but still features 90% of the same hardware as the Arduboy.

Features of the Arduboy Developer Kit:

  • 1.3″ OLED Display: Black and White. Brilliant and Crisp.
  • Tactile Touch Buttons: Lightest touch buttons available on the market.
  • Piezo-Electric Speaker: Multichannel sound with available software mute function.
  • Replaceable Coin-Cell Battery: 4+ hours of playtime
  • Atmega32u4: 16MHz, 32KByte Flash Memory, 2.5KByte SRAM, USB support, Arduino bootloader.

Features unique to Developer Kit:

  • Exposed Black Circuit Board: Available in both Glossy and Matte finishes
  • Coin cell battery: no recharging support available
  • Single color user LED

These Developer Kits were discovered recently during spring cleaning of the Arduboy Headquarters. They were presumed lost and forgotten, don’t miss this extra chance to add the Arduboy Developer Kit to your collection!

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1st: Glossy Black, 2nd: Matte Black

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Micro-USB 2.0 w/ HID Profile