Arduboy FX Mod-Chip


Arduboy FX Mod-Chip allows you to add all of the Arduboy games on-board without the need for a PC to switch between your favorite games.

For installation on an Arduboy

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Screwdriver and Soldering Iron Required!

If you already have a screwdriver and soldering iron then you are ready to install the mod chip. Simply remove the back cover, align the flex circuit of the mod-chip with test points on the back of the Arduboy PCB, and complete 8 solder joints before re-installing the back of the Arduboy case.

What is the Mod-Chip?

  • Flash Memory Module (W25Q128) – All of the Arduboy games are contained within this serial flash memory chip that can be accessed by the new Arduboy FX bootloader written by community member Mr. Blinky
  • Peripheral Microcontroller (ATtiny85) – An additional microcontroller is along for the ride for the sole purpose of flashing the bootloader to the Arduboy. This eliminates the need for an external programmer and allows the Arduboy bootloader to be re-flashed in the future without opening the case.
  • Flex Circuit PCB – These two components are mounted on a thin flex circuit that is designed to slide on top of the speaker, but under the battery, all while fitting in the remaining space of the back aluminum cover.

Software Options:

To save some time and money, you have the option to chose a “Hardware-Only” option, requiring you to load the software onto the mod-chip yourself. For more information on how to program the mod chip see the Self-Bootloading Modchip community post.

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Hardware-Only, Pre-Loaded Games