Arduboy FX Pre-Mod


Arduboy FX is a miniature game system the size of a credit card packed with over 200 unique games created by members of the Arduboy Community. Arduboy FX is open source so you can learn to code and create your own games, just like the original!

Pre-Order Shipping Estimate: November 2020



Pre-Order Delivery Estimate: November 2020

Arduboy FX includes over 200 games on board!

‚ě•Preview all of the games online with the Arduboy FX Simulator! [BETA]

The greatest open source 8-bit game console just got better! Accidently leave “Hello World!” sketch when you leave on a road trip? No PC to change your game? No problem! Confused by Arduino and other game loaders?

Try out games made by other developers! No PC required!

Simply boot up the Arduboy FX and you are greeted with a menu that lets you select from catagories of games ranked by popularity. Start checking out games at the top of the list to see what makes the Arduboy FX so great, and keep trying new games to see what developers across the world have contributed to the platform! Action, Arcade, Platformer, Puzzle, Tabletop, Racing, RPG, Shooter, Sports, Music, Apps and Tools your new Arduboy FX comes fully loaded with enough content to keep you entertained for days on end trying awesome open source 8-bit games!

No tools required!

All of the upgrade has been completed for you, simply turn on the Arduboy FX and enjoy one of the hundreds of great games including on-board this wonderful new device!

What is the Mod-Chip?

  • Pre-Installed – The mod chip on this Arduboy FX has already been pre-installed!
  • Flash Memory Module (W25Q128) – All of the Arduboy games are contained within this serial flash memory chip that can be accessed by the new Arduboy FX bootloader written by community member Mr. Blinky
  • Peripheral Microcontroller (ATtiny85) – An additional microcontroller is along for the ride for the sole purpose of flashing the bootloader to the Arduboy. This eliminates the

Engraving Options:

To save some time and money, you have the option to chose a “Upgrade-Only” option, this will install the mod-chip and pre-load all of the games, but will not have any exterior laser engraving to the case. By choosing “Laser Engraved” means your Arduboy FX will be engraved on the back with unique artwork. Please note laser engraving will add additional time to the fulfillment of your order. (100% Serialization not guaranteed)

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in

Upgrade-Only, Laser Engraved