Millipede & Combat Micro Arcade


Millipede, Combat and Pong
Micro Arcade is the ultimate travel game and easily fits in your pocket!
Color Screen, Speaker, 6 Clicky Buttons & USB Charge
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Licensed by Arduboy, Produced by Super Impulse

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Three classic Atari hit video games in one Micro Arcade – Millipede, Combat and one surprise bonus game!  That’s a ton of nostalgia in the palm of your hand!

Get ready to score as many points as possible by destroying all segments of the millipede as it moves towards the bottom of the screen in Atari’s 1982 hit arcade game!

Go back in time to the retro Combat arcade game first introduced in 1977, and go head-to-head against your enemy in tanks, biplanes, and jets!



➥ Check out all the other Micro Arcades!

The Arduboy hardware design has been licensed to Super Impulse who is the manufacturer and distributor of the Micro Arcade product. Arduboy, Inc is a retailer and not responsible for the design, production or warranty of the product.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in