Uploading Games to Arduboy

This guide will show you some fast-track ways to get games on your Arduboy!

All of the games for Arduboy are Open Source and have been developed by members of the Arduboy Community.

To use these programs you will first need to download install the Arduino software to get the required USB drivers.

by @eried
Arduboy Uploader is one of the simplest ways to load new games on your Arduboy. Combined with one of the most complete repositories of Arduboy games it's a great tool if you're not familiar with Arduino.

by @crait
Arduboy Manager is a great way to load games onto your PC. Compatible with repositories, .arduboy files and has great features like screen capturing this is an excellent tool to quickly swap out games from your Arduboy!

by @FManga
ProjectABE is an emulator complete with it's own development environment for Arduboy that runs in your browser! This is an easy way to try out new games or take a screenshot of your favorite game!

by @obono
Arduboy Utility is an Android application that can flash software to your Arduboy over OTG cable. Additionally it can flash and backup EEPROM data as well as a serial monitor that is compatible with display mirroring.

Arduboy Game Loader was the first software tool available to upload games to your Arduboy. It's designed for use with .arduboy files and is the best way to load games created by TEAM a.r.g. onto your Arduboy.

by @mockfrog
Arduboy Mate is a simple Android application that can load new games on your Arduboy via OTG adapter cable. It is compatible with Arduboy repositories.

by @arduino
Arduino remains to be the primary way to develop code for the Arduboy. It is also an excellent way to try compiling others open source games. Additionally it is currently the only way for Mac and Linux users to load games to their Arduboy.

by @flaki
Clouduboy is still in beta and requires a password to access but it is a highly anticipated online emulator, code development environment and compiler all rolled into one. It uses javascript extensively giving it great cross-platform compatibility.